@apvideo sitting on the front of the buggy with the movi getting some driving shots. This is extremely safe. #graftedintothevine

I felt like I should have been in a jungle with this thing. Such a fun vehicle to ride in/shoot video in. @apvideo #graftedintothevine

Shooting with the #c100 & #atomosninjablade alongside @apvideo on his #mkiii & #smallhd #graftedintothevine


Driving the Sea to Sky highway to Whistler today. #greatnorthernroadtrip (at Ruby Beach Olympic National Park)


Iceland was special

Two-time Oscar-winning shrug

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Shared a coke with Thomas unfortunately there was only one sorry Jake. Hahahaha

Friends, huh. I wonder what that feels like.



    I sit here with your dreams. They are screaming with a perpetuating, constant flowing; rhyming and flowing.

     You mean the world to me.

Are we okay? Maybe we can talk about it…

Do you feel prettier now? Do you feel?

    I can make this last. And I can hold you tightly when loneliness has never felt so a live.

You look prettier now. You look beautiful now.

     You mean the world to me.

Are you okay? Maybe we can talk about it….

freaking yes


waiting for 88 by om.photo on Flickr.


This lizard is over it